How to download pubg 1.5 update,APK file,OBB file,features and patch file

All of you must know very well about the PUBG game, what kind of game it is and all the people must be playing this game, but some time ago, PUBG was declared as a bank in India and after that this win became very less. And due to the banning of this game, many people who liked this game very much were also very disappointed but later now this game has been launched in a new avatar in Indian version called BGM I Battlegrounds Mobile. India.

But still this game is going on in many countries and many people play this game in India, despite being sister, this game is played a lot, so you can understand that the popularity of this game is so high. Still, a lot of people have shifted from PUBG to MyGame but those who still play PUBG have good news that its new update has come, which is called 1.5 Update. What is this update?

In this, you will get to see what is special, what will be the files of how to download, you are going to get all this information in today’s article, then you must read this article very well today because in this you will get new updates of pubg games. Information is about to come.

How to download pubg 1.5 update

For those who are still playing PUBG, let us tell you that to download its new update, you will have to download some of its files or you will have to delete your game and download it again, but now there is also a possibility that if you If you delete the game, then the game may not run again because those who have the old updated games, the games of pubg are still running and many people are also using the game by applying VPN.

Now we tell you how you will download the file of its new update, very soon you will get to see the file of its new update on our website, which you can download but for those people who are in a lot of hurry, we Will tell you that you will get the file on Google, as soon as you write pubg 1.5 update free download, then you will get to see many websites from where you can download its new file and then in your own old way that updated file on mobile. You can bring a new update to the game by installing it.

In this new update, you will also get to see Tesla’s car, along with you will also get to see many changes in the Erangel map, in fact it is all due to Tesla’s college ration, by doing call ablation with Dashlane Pubg in your India. The upcoming Tesla Wish has been advertised and in this you will get to see many new guns, along with many new new costumes, and the most change you will get to see in your famous map which is Erangel Map .

What’s new in pubg 1.5 update

In this new update, you will get to see Tesla cars, along with you will get to see many things in the maps, like if you look in Rendl, you will get to see many Gigafactory decisions in it, from where you can score Tesla. Along with this, you will also get the option of auto riding in the decision, in which if you turn on this option, then the Tesla car will run automatically, you will not need to drive, along with you will also get to see many new costumes.

This new update will bring something very special for you people and you will get to see it very soon, along with many new weapons and vehicles you will also get to see it, this update will come very soon and you will be able to enjoy this update. I have called with pubg to bring a test and it is named mission Ignition, in this you will get to see a new map because it will be like Erangel and it will have the name Ignition Map.

In this map, you will get the option of 3D name as well as auto parachute, which means that if you turn on this option and you march anywhere while landing on the map, then it will automatically take you to that place. You do not have any option or you do not have to bother with manual landing, in this you will get to see 3D names on the maps. Many new notes have also come such as you will get to see hyperlights as well as air conveyors and in this you will also get to experience the upcoming vehicles which can also run on water.


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