What is free fire OB29 update release date,size,server,download and patch notes full detail

You all must know about the free fire game and every day some new update is coming on the internet since this free fire game has come. Since then many of its updates have come and many of its winners have also come out and today we are going to tell you about a new update of the free fire game which is trending very much.

These days, many people are interested to know about this update but they are not getting the right information, so in today’s article we will give them complete information about this new update when this update will be released. On which date it will be released, what will be its size, what will be the server, how many downloads can be done and we are going to give you information about some of its patch notes in today’s article.

So get ready today, for this new article of ours, I will know about a new update of Free Fire, which is named OB29 update, what is OB29 update and how you will be able to download it and what new you will get to see in it. You are now going to know the information through this article of ours.

What is free fire OB29 new update

If all of you play Free Fire games, then you all must know that every month you get to see some new update in Free Fire and with that update you also get many different types of information. Now about the game, now our new update of this free fire is going to come, whose name is OB29 update.

So in this update also you will get to see something new, Jai update will be released very soon and all of you people will soon be able to get all the information about this new update and with this past you will also be able to play the game very much. gonna have fun Because in this update you will get to see some new things because the rest are going to be very different from the updates.

So let us now give you some details of this update which we have and you will get the rest of the details with this update, so first of all we know about this update when it is going to be released or it will be released This update has been done by Garena, which is a company of Free Fire, is going to release very soon.

This update will be released on August 4, 2021, to bring this update to your game, you have to update the free fire game by going to the play store or you will get this update if you open the game like it is a very small file which will be updated in some time.

What is Free fire OB29 new update advanced server details

There is some server in every game, there are many servers in Free Fire too and this syrup keeps working round the clock. If these servers are closed even for 1 day, then that company has to bear a very long loss. If possible, it has also made some advanced servers for updates which are going to work with this update.

You will get to see this update on 4th August 2021 till 5 pm or you may get to see it very soon, so let us now tell you what is the detail of this advanced server and what you have to see. You can get this update at least up to 500 MB or it can be above the size if you want to do this update in iOS mobile.

Game nameFree fire
Patch fileOB29 update
TypeAdvance server
Update release date4 August 2021
Release time12 pm
Advance server linkClick here

So you can get to see this update between 700 to 800 MB, if you do not have space in your mobile, then you should free your mobile as soon as possible so that this update is downloaded very well in your mobile and you will get this update. All the facilities available in the game can be seen inside the game.

What is the size of OB29 update,advanced server and patch notes details

Now we are going to tell you about the size of this new update, how many MB or GB you can get to see this update and we will also tell you the details of some advanced servers, so first of all we talk about this update. Regarding the size of the key, then you can get to see this update in Android mobile from 500 to 600 MB and if you want to see this update in iOS mobile.

So you can get to see around 700 to 800 MB, to download this update, you should have at least 2 GB storage in your mobile, if your mobile does not have storage up to 2 GB, then you should first download your mobile Free up and keep up to 2GB of storage in it because if this update will be less than 2GB then maybe you may have problems in playing the game, maybe the game will not run in your mobile or your mobile hangs or your game Started legging.

If we tell you the details of its advance server, then you will get its advance server free download link on the internet very soon as this game will be released, then you will get to see the advance server free details of this game on the official site of Free Fire, where You will not get it downloaded, you can download it very easily from the play store, you will get the game on the play store, you can download this game and then enjoy the new update very easily.


So friends, how did all of you guys like this article today in which we have told you how you can download ob19 update of Free Fire in your mobile and we have told you some basic details of it in which article today If you want to know more about this in advance, then you can go to the Play Store and read the patch notes of this update, in which you will get much more good detail in depth. 

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